• February 10, 2011 /  Announcements, Mission

    Bro. Dean Taylor invited me along with the high school students for a field trip to Bethlehem, Pa, where the Moravian Brethren had their headquarters for the northern USA and Canada. Here is a video Dean uploaded, part of which happened while we were there. We have the brainstorm to do a series on Bethlehem, looking at some of the good things that happened there.

    David Nitschmann (the Bishop … there were at least three famous early Moravian Brethren named David Nitschmann, so that is why this one is called “The Bishop.”) was the first bishop of the renewed church at Herrnhut, Germany. Interesting people, they were. Some of the stories got exaggerated, as can be seen in the video, but Riedhead does catch the spirit of the missions, even though his “facts” are not factual.

    I do not in any way put an endorsement on Zinzendorfian theology (he killed the Moravian Brethren, in my opinion), but the zeal and dedication and love of the Moravian Brethren is worthy to look at. (And Zinzendorf was a very dedicated man, just had some kooky theology, which even the Moravian Church acknowledges.)

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